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Loose Teas: Pu Erh

Pu Erh tea is the only tea that improves with age and in that respect it is very much like wine.

Pu Erh tea is produced from large leafed Yunnan teas. The leaves are fermented twice over several weeks, then dried. During this time the fermentation gives Pu Erh its strong earthy flavour and aroma, and its deep colour.

The ageing and additional fermentation allowed the teas to be easily transported. Pu Erh is one of China's oldest teas and is widely drunk to manage weight and cholesterol levels as well as aid digestion and manage weight.

It is also much prized with the oldest rarest teas being sold for thousands of pounds. To feel the benefits it is recommended that one cup is drunk with each meal for around three months (300g's). PLEASE do not be fooled by these websites selling Pu Erh in teabags at inflated prices - it will neither taste the same nor have the same benefits as a real Pu Erh will.

We sell empty teabags in Teaware which allow you to make up your own to your desired strength whilst knowing that you really will get the benefits!

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