Matcha Accessories

everything you need to make the perfect cup of Matcha.

try this: Matcha Drinking Set

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We'd suggest that you use a glass tea pot for most of our teas, so that you can watch the leaves infuse your water as well as gauging the preferred strength.

All our glassware is heatproof and dishwasher safe.

try this: Leaf Tea Cup

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A wonderful selection of teapots and teacups that will ensure you make the perfect cup, every time!

try this: Porcelain Pot - White

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Tea Caddies

This sturdy tin will protect your tea and keep it fresh, guaranteeing a perfect cup every time.

try this: Tea Caddy

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Some leaves are just too light to sink to the bottom of the cup so for these teas we'd suggest an infuser or our great personal teabags. Whatever you choose you will find making tea a joy!

try this: Personal Tea Bags

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The Travel Buddy

The Award Winning Travel Buddy just has to be the coolest companion on the planet!

Have you ever wanted to take the hassle out of drinking Whole Leaf Tea and Ground Coffee at home, work or just out and about.

The Travel Buddy does just that, it's easy to use, quick to clean and will fit neatly in your bag, in your car cup holder, or even on your bike.

try this: Travel Buddy Red

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