Loose Teas

Green Tea

We have a beautiful selection of Green Tea for you to buy online, from the exquisite Long Jing, to hand-made Jasmine Pearls, we have to mention Organic Misty Green, a sweet, subtle tea from the high mountains of Zhejiang province and the stunning leaf of the Mao Jian, a top grade Green Tea.

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Our Matcha is hand picked and Organic it is the finest of the Ceremonial Grades. It is sourced from Japans southern most islands where it is produced using elaborate techniques handed down from generations of farmers.

Matcha grows best in shade, and one month before harvest the fields are covered to ensure a 90% reduction in sunlight. This encourages the plants to produce Chlorophyll, meaning the leaves are rich in Amino Acids.

It is these amino acids that make Matcha a truly unique ingredient, naturally higher in Antioxidants than any other naturally grown plant.

Tests using ORAC - Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - showed Matcha is 1573 units per gram compared to 93 units per g in blueberries.

Antioxidants are the bodies natural defence mechanism, they prevent aging and disease and infection caused by damage to cells.

Matcha contains Catechins, in particular a class of Catechin called Epigallocatechin gallate EGCG known to fight cancer cells

In addition Catechins fight free radicals (an atom or group of atoms that react with cells and cause damage) associated with UV rays and Pollution

try this: Organic Matcha

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Black Tea

Black Tea is almost fully fermented tea. The leaves of the Camellia Sinensis are plucked and to make into Black Tea the leaves are withered then rolled to allow oxidation to take place before they are dried.

The result is a very dark coloured leaf that produces a rich amber to red liquor. Because of the oxidation process Black Tea contains more caffeine and less antioxidants than Green Tea, however is higher in amino acids and tannins.

Traditionally Black Tea has been used to make many blends including English Breakfast and the more common varieties include Darjeeling, Assam and Ceylon.

We are expanding our range with some new Chinese Black Tea, including a superb Golden Bi Luo from Yunnan.

try this: English Breakfast

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Oolong Teas

As autumn approaches we wanted to share with you our love for Oolong teas. One of the most interesting and varied types of teas. Oolongs are partially oxidised teas and as such sit in between Green and Black tea.

Oolong teas have wonderful contrasts in character, from the aromatic lightly oxidized, aromatic Yellow Gold Oolong through to the amazingly opulent Big Red Robe. The range of flavours an Oolong can deliver will truly surprise you, from a light and airy sweet honey to a deep rich, dusty chocolate, all completely natural.

try this: Ginseng Oolong

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White Teas

White tea is far more delicate than a Green Tea due to the time it is harvested, the particular variety of tea plant as well as the method used to dry the leaf.

White teas are picked in the morning and then left to dry in the afternoon sun, they are the most natural of all teas. A White Tea has many downy tips signifying the bud was picked whilst very young.

The younger tips have higher concentrations of antioxidants and lower concentrations of caffeine than other teas and it is therefore proving extremely popular. Recent studies have shown that White Tea contains compounds that can fight fat cells and help combat obesity.

try this: Jasmine Silver Needle

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Pu Erh

Pu Erh tea is the only tea that improves with age and in that respect it is very much like wine.

Pu Erh tea is produced from large leafed Yunnan teas The leaves are fermented twice over several weeks, then dried. During this time the fermentation gives Pu Erh its strong earthy flavour and aroma, and its deep colour.

The ageing and additional fermentation allowed the teas to be easily transported. Pu Erh is one of China's oldest teas and is widely drunk to manage weight and cholesterol levels as well as aid digestion and manage weight.

It is also much prized with the oldest rarest teas being sold for thousands of pounds. To feel the benefits it is recommended that one cup is drunk with each meal for around three months (300g's). PLEASE do not be fooled by these websites selling Pu Erh in teabags at inflated prices - it will neither taste the same nor have the same benefits as a real Pu Erh will.

We sell empty teabags in Teaware which allow you to make up your own to your desired strength whilst knowing that you really will get the benefits!

try this: Imperial Grade Pu Erh

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Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea is a variety little known outside of China but one that will become popular in the West thanks to its mellow nature.

As the name suggests, both the leaves and the infusion are yellow in colour. This colour is obtained by adding an extra step, called "Sealed Yellowing", to the process otherwise fairly similar to the making of Green tea.

The length of the yellowing process can vary from thirty minutes in some teas to six days in others, creating a Yellow tea that may be hardly distinguishable from Green tea to one that is distinctively golden.

The yellowing process brings about some complex and subtle changes that soften grassy, bitter edge that some green teas can have creating a mellow aromatic cup. Both these Yellow Teas are certified Organic.

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Jasmine Teas

The most famous scented tea in the world. Jasmine has been known to relax and revive the body and mind for centuries and when the freshest blossoms are mixed with the finest teas the results are stunning.

Our Jasmine Silver Needle, a White Tea won a Gold Medal 2 Star, at the Great Taste Awards 2012, making it the best Jasmine tea in the UK?!

Our selection now includes a Jasmine Silver Needle as well as Jasmine Dragon Flowers, the divine Jasmine Pearls and the superb Jasmine Silver Tip.

try this: Jasmine Silver Needle

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Gift Ideas

Here you will find a range of teas that we think make lovely gift ideas. We also have some fantastic tea pots and tea cups, just click Teaware on the menu above.

try this: White Christmas

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Wholesale Teas

Our range is designed to cover all budgets, with rare and exclusive Chinese teas through to traditional teas such as English Breakfast available. We can also source from a vast list if there is a particular tea that you would like just ask!

Our service includes expert advice to ensure your assortment of teas is suitable for your clientele and full training is given on brewing techniques so that you always serve the perfect cup.

We have no minimum order and orders are usually sent the same day, meaning your tea will be with you within 2 days.

A range of Teaware and Accessories is also available upon request.

try this: English Breakfast

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2018 Harvested Tea

Teas Harvested in 2018 are proving to be quite a delight. A good winter and and excellent spring have meant early teas are of an excellent standard.

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2017 Harvested Tea

Spring is a busy time in the tea gardens. There is a specific time for each tea that the conditions are just right for harvest.

Each year we sample many many teas and choose only the ones that we enjoy. Many of the artisan teas you will find here are hand made, such as Mao Jian, Bi Luo Chun and the delightful Song Zhen, or Pine Needle green tea. The finesse of the craftsmen and women that produce these teas is evident in the outstanding clean, crisp elegant flavours.

A cold winter and late frosts have meant that the harvests were a little late this year, but the cold conditions have allowed some outstanding teas to be produced, yields are down but quality is most certainly up.

As we begin to receive our 2017 harvested teas they will be added to the website.

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2016 Harvested Tea

The teas in the section are from the very latest 2016 harvest, so you know that the teas you are buying were growing on the plant just a short time ago.

2015 Harvested Tea

Teas picked from March 2015 and throughout the 2015 season. 2015 proved to be another great vintage for tea. A relatively cold winter ended and good spring conditions allowed flavours to develop in the leaf, with outstanding results in the final teas.

2014 Harvested Tea

Here you will find the very finest of teas, we have many great teas from a lovely vintage!

try this: Imperial Bi Luo Chun

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Green Flavoured Tea

Green Tea can be flavoured with many differnt fruits, blossoms and scents.

More recently we are discovering some new and delightful combinations.

The green leaves are mixed with either flower petals, dried fruit herbs and spices to produce some quite distinctive flavours.

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Herbal Infusions

For those who are looking to lower their caffeine intake there are some wonderful alternatives.

Red Bush or Rooibos is packed full of vitamins and antioxidant and even tastes like tea!

Or perhaps you would rather unwind with a cup of Chamomile made from sweet Egyptian flowers - whatever your choice you're in the right place.

try this: Chamomile Flowers

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Tea Samplers

Finding it difficult to choose which teas to buy?

Why not try our Tea Sampler as it offers you the chance to taste a number of different teas. 10g of each tea is individually wrapped.

try this: White Tea Sampler

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Fruit Teas

A selection of fruity infusions to tempt your senses!
Fruit Tea and Herbal Infusions to buy online at The Teahouse. Caffeine Free, Tannin Free and packed with flavour!

try this: Apple Cider

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