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Pu Erh Chai

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Our classic Pu Erh has been blended with the traditional Chai spices of cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, ginger and cardamom.

This really is the perfect Pu Erh for the winter months!

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TYPE: Pu Erh



DRINK WHEN? with food


Health Benefits

Pu Erh's are considered indispensable for daily health by the Chinese, Pu Erh Teas are drunk to lower cholesterol, speed up the metabolism, promote weight loss, and improve digestion, of fatty foods in particular.

The Chinese also believe this tea expels toxins associated with diets high in meat products. With its blood cleansing properties, Pu Erhs tea is also drunk to cure hangovers!

What Pu Erh does is, it efficiently digests the lipid cells, or fat cells, therefore your body stores less fat. At the same time the tealeaf itself is a Thermogenic, which means it will increase the metabolism without increasing the heart rate, so youíll burn more calories naturally.

To gain maximum effect drink a cup with and after each meal. Be religious about it and whenever you eat drink Pu Erh, this way the tea will be in your digestive system with your food and will begin acting immediately.

Do this for three months in order to begin to feel the benefits


Take one teaspoon of Chai Pu Erh and add water at 95 degrees C. Allow to infuse for 3 to 4 minutes. Suitable for several infusions.