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We have put together a range of exquisite teas. Our Chinese teas, Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Teas and Pu Erh tea come from farms that we have visited ensuring that they are ethically produced and harvested. We take great pride in the quality of teas that we offer and our latest harvested teas include some of the very best grades we were able to find on our recent trip.

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Anji Bai Cha
A beautiful example of one of China's most sought after teas, in particular for it's health .... more

Price From: £12.00

Organic White Peony
White Peony is created by carefully selecting only the finest tender top bud and two leaves. .... more

Price From: £8.25

Organic Mao Jian
The leaf is gently curled with an array of slender silvery down covered tips. This tea has a .... more

Price From: £4.95

Organic Long Jing
One of China's most famous teas. Long Jing is named after a Village near Hangzhou in Zhejian .... more

Price From: £5.95

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Rhubarb Fizz
One of the most enticing fruit teas we have, the aroma is like a sherbet bon bon, and the fl .... more

Price From: £4.50

Organic Ceremonial Matcha
Ceremonial Grade and certified Organic, this is a superb Matcha tea from Japans premier grow .... more

Price From: £25.00

2001 Aged Pu Erh Cake
Harvested in 2001 this Pu Erh Beeng Cha has real character and depth of flavour. ---- ---- ---- ---- -

Price From: £5.95

Tea Pitcher
Complete with infuser and lid, this is the ideal pot for two cups....or one big 0.5l mug! Th .... more

Price From: £17.99

We also have a range of Teaware that will allow you to show off your teas in some stunning glass teapots and tea cups.

Our tea is initially packed in an eco-friendly heat sealed bags and we then give you the option of adding a caddy to the order. We are a company with a conscience and our caddy is fully recyclable.

Please spend some time looking through the site as there is some fascinating information available in both the Health Benefits section and you can learn more about tea in the Tea Culture pages.

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".... at last I entered the world of tea." Yuan Mei (1716 - 1798)

Latest Harvest
Here you will find a selection of teas that have been newly harvested .... and are bursting with freshness!
White Teas

White teas are picked
in the morning and
left to dry in the afternoon sun.

They are the most natural of all teas

Wholesale Tea

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