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We are an independent Tea Merchants selling loose leaf tea online. We have a fantastic range of Green Tea, Matcha, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Pu Erh Tea as well as a Caffeine Free Range available to buy online.

Our range of Chinese teas are amongst the finest teas we can find. Many of our teas are Organic Tea - those that aren't have been chosen for their outstanding flavour.

Below are some of the loose leaf teas that we are currently drinking in at The Teahouse.

What we're drinking ...

Anji Bai Cha
A beautiful example of one of China's most sought after teas, in particular for it's health .... more

Price From: £13.50

Organic Bi Luo Chun
This handmade, 2018 Pre Ching Ming, or very early spring green tea is full of small silver s .... more

Price From: £6.00

Organic Silver Needle 2018
Harvested March 2018 Organic Silver Needle has beautiful plump buds each one a silvery gree .... more

Price From: £7.50

Phoenix Oolong
Phoenix Oolong or Mi Lan Xian Dan Cong is the most delightful Oolong in our collection. Th .... more

Price From: £7.00

What's new ....

We are proud of the quality of our loose leaf teas and we are continually getting new stock as freshly harvested teas become available. Below is a small selection of our newest teas. Use the dropdown menu to see our full range of teas.

Darjeeling Namring First Flush
A classic 2018 first flush darjeeling. The aroma is that of a first flush tea, vibrant and .... more

Price From: £13.50

Assam Harmutty STGFOP1
This is a wonderful Assam, graded - Special Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe. The number 1 .... more

Price From: £5.75

Jasmine Silver Needle
Picked in April 2018 these plump buds are stored until the Jasmine plants blossom, enabling .... more

Price From: £4.50

Organic Mao Jian
Harvested late March to Early April 2018. Mao Jian has a delicate sweetness, clean crisp t .... more

Price From: £5.00

Making Tea

We also have a range of Tea Accessories and Teaware that will allow you to show off your teas in some stunning glass teapots and tea cups, specifically for loose leaf tea. We also have Tea Balls and Empty Tea Bags that will make easy to make the perfect cup of tea every time.

Large Tea Ball Infuser
This tea ball is 6cm in diameter. It's is the ideal accessory for those who enjoy drinking d .... more

Price From: £3.95

Luna Glass Tea Pot 1.2ltr
This stylish glass teapot takes 1.2 ltrs which is around six cups. The beauty of glass is th .... more

Price From: £22.50

Matcha Serving Set
Beautiful green ceramic Matcha Bowl with a handmade Bamboo whisk and serving Scoop presented .... more

Price From: £45.00

Tea Pitcher
Complete with infuser and lid, this is the ideal pot for two cups....or one big 0.5l mug! Th .... more

Price From: £17.99

We are passionate about tea and the health benefits of loose leaf tea. Please spend some time looking through the site as there is some fascinating information available in both the Health Benefits and Tea Culture pages.

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".... at last I entered the world of tea." Yuan Mei (1716 - 1798)

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White Teas

White teas are picked
in the morning and
left to dry in the afternoon sun.

They are the most natural of all teas
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