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Snow White Earl Grey

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A unique blend of the sweet, mellow White Peony, mixed with delightfully refreshing Bergamot, giving this tea the distinctive Earl Grey taste and aroma.


TYPE: White Teas



DRINK WHEN? Afternoon / Evening


Health Benefits

White teas consist of only youngest buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant. They are plucked and immediately dried in the sun or by steam. White teas are rare and only available in limited quantity and therefore we are still finding out much about the benefits of this type of tea. However, the variety of tea plant used to produce White Tea has shown to be richer in Antioxidants and lower in caffeine than Green Tea. Included within the antioxidant polyphenol class are flavonoids and catechins. A kind of flavonoid, catechins are found in tealeaves and provide protective antioxidant action against harmful free radicals. These free radicals cause heart disease, some kinds of cancer and increase the risk of strokes. Research continues to show drinking tea with its varying antioxidant levels help protect the body by combating dangerous free radical activity.

Bergamot(Citrus bergamia)which is named after the Italian city where it was first cultivated, the Bergamot tree produces a small round yellow citrus fruit when ripe.

Extracted from the peel by cold pressing, Bergamot oil boast a light and refreshing, spicy citrus scent.

It's known to aid digestion and relax the nervous system. With its antiseptic properties, it's also used to treat skin infections such as acne and eczema.

For further information on the health benefits please visit our Health Benefits section.


Take one heaped teaspoon, or a good pinch,of White Peony per cup and pour over water that has boiled and cooled to 75 degrees C. The best way to gauge this is to allow a boiled kettle to sit for 3 minutes. Let your leaves to infuse the water for between 3 and 5 minutes depending on your desired strength. Remove the leaves and set aside for your next cup.