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Dreamy Blue Earl Grey

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This is a blend of Ceylon Black Teas scented with Oil of Bergamot to give a wonderfully smooth citrus flavour.

The addition of Blue Mallow flowers gives this tea its stunning appearance and a tiny floral hint.

The aroma of bergamot is fantastic and the cup is a deep amber colour with a beautifully smooth flavour.

This tea is a wonderfully balanced blend and is a must for any Earl Grey drinker.

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TYPE: Black Tea



DRINK WHEN? Morning / Afternoon


Health Benefits

All tea originates from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. However, the end product differs in style, taste and caffeine content due to differences in processing. Due to oxidation Black tea contains a lower concentration of polyphenols and a higher caffeine content than Green tea. Black tea also displays a higher tannin content. Too many tannins are considered bad for us, however studies show that the levels in tea do not appear to have a detremental affect on the body. The amino acid present in the highest concentrations is Theanine proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Bergamot(Citrus bergamia)which is named after the Italian city where it was first cultivated, the Bergamot tree produces a small round yellow citrus fruit when ripe.

Extracted from the peel by cold pressing, Bergamot oil boast a light and refreshing, spicy citrus scent.

It's known to aid digestion and relax the nervous system. With its antiseptic properties, it's also used to treat skin infections such as acne and eczema.
For further information on the health benefits please visit our Health Benefits section.


Use 1 teaspoon of Dreamy Blue Earl Grey per person, pour boiling water over and allow to infuse for between 3 - 5 minutes depending on your taste. Leaves are suitable for multiple infusions, again depending on your taste.