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Ceylon Orange Pekoe

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A blend of whole leaf black teas from Southwestern Highlands of Sri Lanka.

This tea has a delicate leaf which produces a liquor that is moderately strong with a very well balanced flavour, a nice afternoon tea!


TYPE: Black Tea


ORIGIN: Sri Lanka

DRINK WHEN? Morning / Afternoon


Health Benefits

All tea originates from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. However, the end product differs in style, taste and caffeine content due to differences in processing.

Due to oxidation Black tea contains a lower concentration of polyphenols and a higher caffeine content than Green tea. Black tea also displays a higher tannin content.

Too many tannins are considered bad for us, however studies show that the levels in tea do not appear to have a detremental affect on the body.

The amino acid present in the highest concentrations is Theanine proven to reduce stress and anxiety. For further information on the health benefits please visit our Health Benefits section.


Use 1tsp of Ceylon per person, pour boiling water over and allow to infuse for between 3 - 5 minutes depending on your taste.

Leaves are suitable for multiple infusions, again depending on your taste.