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2006 Green Pu Erh Cake

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2006 Green Pu Erh Cake Harvested April 2006. Yunnan Province. 357g

Pu Erh tea gets better with age, much like wine and this is a superb example and a top grade Beeng Cha, or translated as biscuit tea due to the shape.

Green, or unfermented Pu Erh tea has many of the qualities of green tea in terms of the antioxidant and caffeine content.

This cake will, if kept, gradually age over several years to produce a fine Pu Erh tea that will not only taste great but it will have appreciated in value.

This Pu Erh tea is widely drunk in China to manage weight and lower Cholesterol. The leaves produce a very pleasant cup, with a more delicate earthy taste than aged Pu Erh.

Our supply of these is limited.


TYPE: Pu Erh



DRINK WHEN? with food


Health Benefits

Pu Erh tea has been used for centuries to aid digestion.

The leaf is also a Thermogenic, which means it will increase the metabolism without increasing your heart rate.

Best drunk with or after food, it will speed up the digestion of lipid, or fat, cells, meaning your body will store less, whilst burning more calories.

It is also renowned for its ability to detoxify the blood, and is widely drunk to cure hangovers!


Use the back of a knife to break off a one to two teaspoon-sized chunk of tea leaves per cup of water.

Infuse in boiling water for approximately 30 second to one minute. Add one minute steeping time for each subsequent brewing thereafter.

Be careful not to over brew your tea.

You will find that each set of leaves will make you between 4-6 cups, so the 350gs should make over 1400 cups - making this a very economical Pu Erh.