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Organic Pu Erh

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An Organically grown Pu Erh and certified by the EU, this is an excellent quality Pu Erh.

The leaves are thin and slightly twisted with a nice aged aroma. The cup is a deep red and is a robust full bodied flavour.


TYPE: Pu Erh



DRINK WHEN? with food


Health Benefits

When drunk with food it will aid digestion of the fatty, lipid cells. Please do not be fooled by websites selling Pu Erh in teabags at inflated prices - it will neither taste the same nor have the same benefits as a real Pu Erh will. We sell empty teabags in Teaware which allow you to make up your own to your desired strength whilst knowing that you really will get the benefits!


1 tsp per cup and add water just off the boil, infuse for 3 minutes or more to taste. Suitable for multiple infusion.