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Blushing Raspberry

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Get ready to dive into summer with this magical blend of raspberry delights.

Raspberries, Juniper, Lemon peel and Thai Butterfly Pea Flowers create a Gin that is instantly refreshing.

Watch out for the colour when you add your tonic!

For added effect, allow a few minutes before adding the tonic to allow the alcohol to extract the magic.

Ingredients: Raspberry, Juniper Berries, Thai Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers, Lemon Peel.

50g will make approx 25 G&T's


TYPE: Infusions for Gin


ORIGIN: England



Health Benefits

Please drink responsibly


Glass of G&T
Itís simple, sprinkle a little of your favourite blend into your special Gin glass, add your ice and a slice, drizzle in the Gin and top up with tonic. Let the bubbles go to work bringing out the flavour of the blend. Alternatively, buy our empty teabags and add in a teaspoon of our blend and let it infuse your drink.

Flavoured Gin
Buy (a cheapish!) bottle of Gin and add the blends into the bottle. Leave for a few weeks and ta dah Ė you have a new flavoured Gin!

Cold brew
These infusion blends are great as a cold brew. Pop a generous teaspoon into our teabags and drop it into your water bottle. Add ice and shake your bottle. Youíll be perfectly hydrated all day long, helping you hit the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.