Ginseng Oolong

Ginseng Oolong Give yourself an instant Boost!

The cup is aromatic and sweet, the flavour is superb and the Ginseng delivers a wonderful energy. The leaves will produce several cups, each with it's own slightly differing aroma and taste, my favourite is the third!

A real favourite and a tea that will keep you going all day!

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TYPE: Oolong Teas



DRINK WHEN? Morning / Afternoon


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100g 6.95
250g 16.50
500g 29.95

Health Benefits

Like black and green teas, oolong contains an abundant source of natural plant-derived antioxidant compounds called polyphenols. Oolong teas are semi fermented and therefore are midway between green and black in terms of their health giving properties and caffeine content. There is evidence to suggest that drinking Oolong tea has beneficial effects on Eczema. Highly prized in China for thousands of years, Chinese Ginseng is added to teas, drunk alone as a tonic and chewed on to boost energy and enhance overall health.
Ginseng is said to help alleviate stress and improve stamina. Recent studies in Japan suggest that Oolong, or Wu Long teas are super efficient at burning fat and have been used with great success as a slimming aid when drunk with food.


Take one good teaspoon of Ginseng Oolong per cup and pour over water that is boiling. Let your leaves to infuse the water for between 3 and 5 minutes depending on your desired strength. These leaves will produce several infusions, with each cup changing its characteristics. The best way to make this tea is to very quickly rinse the leaves. Pour on boiling water then swirl around, pour off the water and then add the water to make your tea.