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Pick 'n' Mix Gift Box

Our Pick'n'Mix gift boxes will allow you to create your own perfect blend of teas that will make a special present for a friend, loved one, someone in isolation or even for yourself!

The boxes fit straight through the letterbox so there is no contact needed with the delivery person.

For each box you have option to leave a message, simply add your message and we'll pop this into the box. If it is a Christmas present we will put a sticker on the box saying 'Do not open till 25th December'

You can pick from 16 different types of teas. Each one is 50g with the exception of Chamomile and this gift also includes a silver measuring spoon and 8 empty teabags.

Each 50g of tea will make approximately 25 cups with the exception of Chamomile which will make approximately 15 cups.

Each gift box costs £17.50, including any gift message that you may add.

You can include up to 9 Pick'n'Mix gift boxes on a single order and eack box can contain a different selection.

Delivery is to the United Kingdom only.

Number of Pick'n'Mix gift boxes you plan to order

(you can come back and change this number before checkout)

Once you have pressed the NEXT button, above, you will be able to select from the following teas:

Assam Morning Blend
Champagne Sencha
Chocolate Orange
Christmas Cookies
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Forest Fruits
Organic Rooibos
Refreshing Peppermint
Relaxing Chamomile
Sencha Cranberry and Rose
Sencha Lemon
Spiced Apple
White Christmas
Zingy Grapefruit