Loose Teas: Jasmine Teas

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The most famous scented tea in the world. Jasmine has been known to relax and revive the body and mind for centuries and when the freshest blossoms are mixed with the finest teas the results are stunning.

Our Jasmine Silver Needle, a White Tea won a Gold Medal 2 Star, at the Great Taste Awards 2012, making it the best Jasmine tea in the UK?!

Our selection now includes a Jasmine Silver Needle as well as Jasmine Dragon Flowers, the divine Jasmine Pearls and the superb Jasmine Silver Tip.

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NOTE: some of our loose teas can be purchased already in a metal caddy (see any marked with below). Also, some of the teas in caddies can have a personalised label (lookout out for teas marked below).

Jasmine Silver Needle
Picked in April 2018 these plump buds are stored until the Jasmine plants blossom, enabling .... more

Price From: £4.50
Organic Jasmine Silver Tip
The finest quality organic green tea leaves are layered with the finest organically grown Ja .... more

Price From: £6.95
Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Hand picked tips are gently rolled into small pearl like balls that are scented with fresh J .... more

Price From: £6.95