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As autumn approaches we wanted to share with you our love for Oolong teas. One of the most interesting and varied types of teas. Oolongs are partially oxidised teas and as such sit in between Green and Black tea.

Oolong teas have wonderful contrasts in character, from the aromatic lightly oxidized, aromatic Yellow Gold Oolong through to the amazingly opulent Big Red Robe. The range of flavours an Oolong can deliver will truly surprise you, from a light and airy sweet honey to a deep rich, dusty chocolate, all completely natural.

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NOTE: some of our loose teas can be purchased already in a metal caddy (see any marked with below). Also, some of the teas in caddies can have a personalised label (lookout out for teas marked below).

Phoenix Oolong
Phoenix Oolong or Mi Lan Xian Dan Cong is the most delightful Oolong in our collection. Th .... more

Price From: £7.00
Big Red Robe
Big Red Robe or, Da Hong Pao is a mid fired Oolong tea from WuYi Mountain in Fujian. It is s .... more

Price From: £6.00
Yellow Gold Oolong
A deliciously drinkable Oolong tea from Fujian Province. Delicately rolled leaves of yellow .... more

Price From: £5.95
Ginseng Oolong
The cup is aromatic and sweet, the flavour is superb and the Ginseng delivers a wonderful en .... more

Price From: £6.95
Tie Guan Yin
Tie Kuan Yin is certainly an Oolong tea of the finest quality. It is also known as Iron Godd .... more

Price From: £9.95