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Loose Teas: 2017 Harvested Tea

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Spring is a busy time in the tea gardens. There is a specific time for each tea that the conditions are just right for harvest.

Each year we sample many many teas and choose only the ones that we enjoy. Many of the artisan teas you will find here are hand made, such as Mao Jian, Bi Luo Chun and the delightful Song Zhen, or Pine Needle green tea. The finesse of the craftsmen and women that produce these teas is evident in the outstanding clean, crisp elegant flavours.

A cold winter and late frosts have meant that the harvests were a little late this year, but the cold conditions have allowed some outstanding teas to be produced, yields are down but quality is most certainly up.

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NOTE: some of our loose teas can be purchased already in a metal caddy (see any marked with below). Also, some of the teas in caddies can have a personalised label (lookout out for teas marked below).