Anji Bai Cha

Anji Bai Cha Picked late March 2017.

A beautiful example of one of China's most sought after teas, in particular for it's health giving properties.

The leaves are picked by hand at the very start of spring whilst at their most tender. One delicate bud and leaf is carefully taken and gently curled to produce this Spring tea.

The aroma bursts with spring freshness, the taste is delicate, slightly floral with a delightful lingering sweetness that fills the palate.

Best made in glass with water at 65 degrees C, the leaves raise and fall before sitting proudly upright, in true regal style.


TYPE: Green Tea



DRINK WHEN? Afternoon / Evening


pack size price £ quantity
25g 13.50
50g 25.20
100g 44.10
250g 103.50

Health Benefits

Considered by many Chinese to be a green tea highest in Antioxidants.


One small tablespoon per cup, water 75 degrees C, 3 to 4 minutes.


July 2016
I have really enjoyed this tea. I found that brewing it at 65 degrees for 3 minutes is just right. It has a delicate taste, that is silky smooth.
Philip Wood
Feb 2013
By the way, the tea is magnificent and has brightened up my day loads!
A Happy Customer!