Organic Mao Jian

Harvested late March to Early April 2018

This is a consistently good tea and the 2018 is one of the best in recent years.

Perfect conditions up to and during harvest have allowed delicate flavours to develop in this handmade tea.

The leaf is gently curled with an array of slender silvery down covered tips mixed with darker green tender leaves.

Mao Jian has a delicate sweetness, clean crisp taste with a lovely invigorating aroma, just bursting with spring freshness.

A top quality tea that is suitable for multiple infusions, making it an economical everyday tea.

NOTE: Some product sizes in a caddy (tin) can have a personalised label - lookout out for sizes marked in the pricing panel.


TYPE: Green Tea



DRINK WHEN? Morning / Afternoon


pack size price £ quantity
25g 5.00
50g 9.00
50g Tin 10.50
100g 16.00
 100g Tin 17.50
250g 36.00


Best enjoyed when made with water that has cooled to 80 degrees. Use 3g per 150ml and infuse for up to 3 minutes.

These leaves can be used for several infusions.